Update v0.0.1.3

Hi all, there has been a lot going into this update thanks for everyone that downloaded so far but below is a list of the changes.

The biggest change is the saving system. The save system now means with updates maps won't/shouldn't  be affected. Please remember that this is still early in development and I appreciate the support.


  • Pause when placing
  • Fix camera bug
  • Fix paths
  • Fix FPS
  • Pause menu pause
  • Fix wall depth
  • Units can destroy walls
  • Have defending units move after close range
  • New saving system
  • 10 degree rotation
  • Wall brush size increase
  • Increased map size
  • Snow tile map
  • New basic castle map
  • Got theme units 


GOBSv0013.zip 91 MB
May 26, 2019

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