Update v0.0.1.3 Changes Coming

Hi all, I have been hard at work changing the main mechanics of GOBS. If you take a look at my roadmap/dev map you will see a huge list of changes.

The first major change I want to address is that the saving system had changed. Previously map saving saved the whole game state and so if the game was updated maps would be pretty useless.

Now I have made it so it saves all placed elements in the map to a config file. This means no matter the version players try and load the map on, I will be able to read the data and create the map from that file.

The next big change is that defending units will now start pushing forward when approached by enemies.

Then comes wall destruction. If the enemy unit is attacking a wall there is a slight chance that it can break down leaving an entrance for the units. This will make for great attacking gameplay.

There are more things coming in this update so please do keep and eye on the roadmap from the website and also this blog.

Thank you.


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