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GOBS is a game where you can build your own map from each bit of wall to the paths below.
Then fill them with your own custom battle.
Either it be creating historical battles or just making the most outrageous battles it's all down to you the player.
There are a variety of different units to start with and each have their own cost, damage and health stats.

Short Summary

Hi I'm Robert Ferry the developer of GOBS, which is short for Game Of Battle Simulation. I started making this game because I loved everything about battle simulators but there was always something lacking. 

I wanted to create custom maps and build massive battles in the formations that I wanted. GOBS makes that possible.

In GOBS you can simply paint your own map and save, share it with others. Once you share it it becomes a new playground for others to build upon. 

Not only are the maps shareable but you can fill them with units and share it as a battle. So if you placed 2000 units and want to share it, do it!

I have big plans for this game, at the moment it is very very early development and only has a few units/building parts to play with but the foundations are set in stone.

I have a website with an early version for people to test out and give feedback on, also where they can share maps/screenshots with others.

Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/IauuH78w

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract the files into a folder, then just run the .exe


GOBSv0015.exe 288 MB

Development log


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